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Types of Signs and Awnings [Best Signs and Awnings in New York City]

Signs and awnings are important for any business. They can help to attract more customers to your business, they can be used as a form of advertisement and they can also be used to make your company look more professional.


An awning is usually made of fabric or vinyl and is attached to the building with metal supports. It is often found over entrances or windows. The purpose of an awning is to provide shade from the sun’s rays and protect from rain or snow.


Signs are often placed on buildings or in front of them, but they can also be found inside stores as well. The purpose of signs is to identify the business and attract customers who might not otherwise know that the store exists.


Different Types of Sign and Awnings

Signs and awnings are a part of the signage industry. Signs are a form of communication that is used to convey information to the public. There are various types of business signs that exist and they depend on the purpose they serve. Some of these types include:

– Pylon Signs
– Window and Wall Graphics
– Directional and Wayfinding Signs
– Blade Signs
– Monument Signs
– ADA Signs
– Wall Signs; and many others.

Awnings can also be considered as a kind of sign but they are a bit different and can be further classified into three types: fixed, retractable and portable. Fixed awnings are permanently attached to the building. Retractable awnings use cables that allow them to slide back and forth on tracks on the side of the building. Portable awnings can be carried by hand or on wheels.


Best Signs and Awnings in New York City

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